Unleash Communities with Helium Modular Governance SDK

Features at glance

No DAO? No problem.

Tweak parameters, upgrade smart contracts and manage your treasury with the flexibility to build your own governance model.

Fully typed

Auto-completion and type-safety are provided by TypeScript. No need to worry about typos.


Customize governance contracts without the need for forking, making it flexible for different requirements.

Maximum compatibility

Designed to be compatible with existing systems like Solana Token Program and NFTs, ensuring seamless integration.


Built with efficiency in mind, the SDKs are lightweight and optimized for speed.

Audited contractscoming soon


Built with security in mind, the contracts on mainnet will be audited and tested to ensure that your governance is safe.

Custom State

The state of the governance can be customized to fit your needs, allowing for a wide range of use cases.


Meet websites built with our Governance SDK